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Cat eyes makeup

Hi my loves ! Am back again with a nother make up tutorial. As i said in my first post, Make up is everything for me and recently i have been inspired by all dramatic looks. So today i came with this soft black cut crease who will give you the sexisiest Cat eyes makeup EVER in my opinion.

Let’s begin !


For Flawless Complexion

I started again with my skin by correcting all my dark circles and my redness using the L.A girl pro concealer in orange, green, and yellow. The orange concealer helped me to conceal all the darkness, the green concealer helped me to correct my redness and the yellow one to brighten my undereyes for a luminous look.
I will not go throught all the details because i already did it in my last post so just give it a look if you want to know how to achieve a NO mistake natural complexion

Cat eyes makeup

The secret of cat eyes makeup.

In this look is all about eyes and having this sexy cat eyes that everyone love and admire. This time i decided to do a black cut crease because i was inspired by the gorgeous Amanda ensing in her last post. To achieve this look i began by working my transition colors using the Morphe Brushes 35W palette so my black eyeshadow from the Urban Decay * Gwen stephani blend more easily and become more seamless.

Cat eyes makeup

A touch of nude.

Everytime i work a dramatic look i prefer to keep it more natural and nude on the rest of the face, i mean by that, the blush and the lips.
For my lips i used Gerard cosmetics liquid lipstick in collaboration with Manny Mua in Serenity and Praline lip gloss from NYX on top for a glossy and fresh lips.

Cat eyes makeup

This is it my loves, i hope that you liked this make up tutorial, feel free to check out my channel for more tutorials and subscribe if you like my blog so far. Don’t forget to tell me what do you guys think and what do you want to see on my blog next.

Be you and stay GORGEOUS

By Beautychik

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