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Aussie hair products review.

I grow up in a family where hair have always been the symbol of women’s beauty and where you learn to take care of it as soon as you can do it. As long as i can remember, my hair have always been my number one problem and also my number one obsession, because i have a really thick hair as you can see on my hairstyles post. Today i will share with you my experience with the Aussie hair products.


3 minutes miracle reconstructor.

I received this simple on my monthly Birchbox box, and i have to say, that Birchbox surprised me and made me discover a really good product. This little simple make all the knots disappear in less than 3 minutes and make brushing so pleasant and less painful with making your hair shiny.

Aussie hair products

I was also surprised by the sweet scent that make me remember of the Yummy sweets i used to eat when i was a little girl … I know i’m getting nostalgic even if i am not that old, but trust me, if you tried it you know what i am talking about.

P.S : This product contain Paraben so if you don’t like this, this product is probably not for you.

Aussie Volume shampoo.

There is a time when we all feel like our hair is disobeying us, he don’t want to get volume, he don’t want to be styled, he look dull … so i had to take control and change my hair routine, just because is the easiest way to feel like i am really doing something for my hair.

After discovering the 3 minutes miracle reconstructor, i had to go and test more Aussie hair products, especially products that will help me get my hair exactly do way i want.

Aussie hair products

This Aussie volume shampoo was a great choice in this period, this shampoo gives me volume, and made my hair so much disciplined and so much thicker looking. However, the result wasn’t as transcendent as the first product, because it doesn’t made my hair as voluminous as i was expecting and finally the scent isn’t as yummy as the 3 minutes miracle reconstructor.

P.S: If you searching for a little volume go for this product, but you have to know that it contains paraben.

Aussie miracle shine conditioner.

As i was in the period where my hair was driving me crazy, i also bought this Aussie miracle shine conditioner to make my hair live again with a little shiny touch. This product is one of my favorite, because as promised he gave my hair shine and make it so beautiful again after a rude period without over greasing it.

Aussie hair products

I didn’t personally used all the Aussie shine line or all the Aussie volume line, because at this time i was searching for volume, shine and discipline, so i tried one product of each line to see how it will work and i wasn’t disappointed.

P.S: This product contain silicone.

Aussie 3 minutes miracle moisture.

This product is one of these products that you try and you just don’t know what to think about. I used this moisture a lot after my Miracle shine conditioner, i really noticed that my hair is less damaged and so much moisturized, especially the ends who were really damaged this summer. It says, i have to tell you that the scent is really awful and make me feel like i am on the salon, neer to someone who is bleaching his hair. In the second where this product gets in touch with water, the sweet scent of Macadamia oil transform to an awful, unbearable smell at least for me.

Aussie hair products

P.S: This product have Silicone on it.

Aussie hair products.

As in every brand, not all products are hot, you will always find a disappointing products. However, i am really happy with these products and how it worked with my hair even if i didn’t use the hole line of each product. Finally, i do believe that if i used the whole line, the products will worked perfectly because no one of them was disappointing on the quality side.

This is it my loves, i hope that this review helped you to know some Aussie hair products and what do i think of them. Keep in mind that in every brand not all products work, and that we are all different. For my type of hair, thick, long and a little bit damaged i feel that these products worked for me and made my hair healthy and moisturized when he need it a lot.

Let me know if you if you ever tried Aussie hair products and what do you think. Take care of you and see you on my next post.

Be you and stay GORGEOUS


By Beautychik

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