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My easy hairstyle for long hair .



My easy hairstyle for long hair inspired by Ariana grande.

This hairstyle is for all my loves out there who struggle with their hair everyday, and hang out with the same hairstyle everyday and feel so bored sometimes. I have to tell you that this easy hairstyle for long hair or short hair is inspired by the beautiful Ariana Grande. This girl rock always this hairstyle without feeling bored, in her songs, show, … So why not trying it and figured out if it will make me feel bored? I found myself doing it everyday lately without feeling bored because is so cute and classy, I can do this hairstyle literally in 5 minutes and believe me if i can YOU CAN also. Moreover this hairstyle go with every occasion, for school, work or in romantic dinner … Is the perfecr lazy hairstyle for all my girls out there who have difficulties to achieve the most simple hairstyle in the world like me.

easy hairstyle for long hair

Product i used to achieve this easy hairstyle :

Argan Oil : Argan oil is such a moisture for your hair so don’t be afraid to use a tiny bit on your hair after styling it. This step will make your hair shine and nourish it in the same time.
Curler : To have an amazing shiny curls, i used the curler from the NUME set. This curler make my curls stay 2 to 3 days so i don’t have to repeat the same steps over and over everyday and finally make me stay away from over damaging my hair.

easy hairstyle for long hair

P.S : I also used a hair protector.
My braided version of Ariana Grande.

Braids can make every hairstyle so unique, classy and sometimes depending on the outfit so street. Today i show you my second esasy hairstyle for long hair that is inpired by the beautyful Ariana Grande hairstyle that i show you first.

All you have to do, is make two sections on the top of your hair and start braiding each section as shown on the video to finished it with a bun.

easy hairstyle for long hair
My fake long ponytail.

Even with my long hair, i can never have the long ponytail that i love with the classic method. Today i show you my easy fake ponytail that every girl can rock, either she have a long hair or a short hair.

To achieve this Ponytail, i started by using the ponytail i did on the first look and make another ponytail just below that i will cover with all my hair so we can’t see the demarcation even if i dance.

easy hairstyle for long hair

easy hairstyle for long hair

This is my 3 easy hairstyles for long hair that every EVERY girl can rock on a daily basis or in a romantic dinner with her love.

Let me know on the comment what hairstyle do you rock, and how do you maintain your hair just to know and discover something new.

See you guys on my next post. God bless you.

Be you and stay Gorgeous.


By Beautychik

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