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Everyday flawless foundation routine.



No more imperfections.

There is so many discolorations in our skin, and every skin is different so it’s VERRY important to know how to play with colors to correct our imperfections. To keep it simple and easy for everyone i will talk about how i correct my own imperfections.

  • For my under eyes : I have always struggled with my under eyes, i don’t know if i mentioned it, but my under eyes is dark AF, it’s my number 1 complexion that  drives me crazy for years. After years of practicing and testing new products, i finally find that the orange/redish concealers is what works the most because they can balance the dark brown, brown or black under eyes. How ever, recently i discovered the under eyes brightening corrector by BECCA that work so good for my under eyes also, because it reflect light and make my under eyes so bright and photoshopped in daylight or in flash photography. This product is just a MUST for every girl who struggle with her under eyes and don’t know how color correcting work.
  • For my redness : Am not kinda of girls who struggle with redness or that pay attention that much to redness, but when the temperature grow I always  start noticing some redness on my cheeks. Sometimes when i want to wear a full face of glam with NO mistake using a light weight foundation, i correct my redness with a green color to balance and correct the complexion to have this flawless looking without wearing a full coverage foundation.

Everyday flawless foundation.

Foundation is probably the most basic step but still the most difficult because we don’t wanna go out with a darker face or with a ghost face. I applied my foundation mixing the urban decay skin perfector with the Fit me foundation to match my body using the beauty blender for a natural and dewy skin.

The urban decay skin perfector it’s like a BB cream with more coverage so if you like that full coverage it’s probably not for you, but for summer it’s really light weight, you will probably not feel it during the day which is always good and appreciable. This Perfector skin will give you hydratation and make your complexion look super FLAWLESS.


Can we catch the light.

After color correcting and foundation, it’s time to brighten all the areas where the sun don’t hit during the day, and i mean but that: the under eyes , the chin, the top of my nose and the center of my head. All this areas is where the sun doesn’t hit and where we can apply a concealer that is one shade or 2 brighter than our face.

I love the NARS radiant creamy concealer because is very light weight with A LOT of coverage, so it make my under eyes really bright and help me tu give more structure to my face. It’s my favorite concealer of all time and if you are searching for a dupe because you might find that this concealer is not on the cheapy side, the Maybelline FIT me concealer is the most exact dupe for this concealer.

I love matt finish.

Am a huge fan of matt finish, especially in my under eyes so after color correcting and concealing my darkness it’s time to clock all the products and for that i use my trusty ELF translucent powder or my translucent powder by Laura Mercier using my beauty blender to bake it and let it soak in all the excess powder.

These two powders are really BOOOOMB, they don’t make my under eyes white or cakey, they look very natural. However, and because i have a normal to oily skin, i have to retouch the ELF translucent powder during the day.

It’s summer let’s have fun.

I will be honest, either summer or  winter, i always bronze my face because i just love how it make my face more structured and more bronzy and healthy looking, especially for summer when everyone is looking for the sunny look. I don’t really have a fav bronzer but recently i forget about my MAC give me sun, to always wear the Pro bronze fusion by Make up forever.

A touch of color.

To finish up my face i applied a little bit of my favorite blush of the moment by make up revolution just to give my face this touch of color with a shimmery blush for a touch of highlight without wearing highlight haha ….What ? Yeah i surprised myself, i don’t wear highlight.

The finish touch.

To really finish up my face, i showered it using the MAC Fix+ to have a more dewy and flawless finish without looking powdery or Cakey.

I wanted to let you know my foundation routine in my lazy days. I love to wear this foundation routine in it own to give me this worked look without looking over much or without looking like a zombie in just 15 minutes.

Sometime’s, when i am lazy, i prefer to go out with a minimal make up than a bare face to feel more comfortable and more presentable. Please tell me about your minimal makeup or your foundation routine and also what is your favorite products, i would love to know and try something new. Lot of kisses my loves.

Be you and stay Gorgeous.


By Beautychik

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  • Gingersnaphattie

    26 August 2016 at 19 h 37 min

    Thank you for the tips 🙂 These are fantastic! I find that if I drink a lot of hot water instead of tea or hot juice my skin improves tonnes!

    1. Beautychik

      26 August 2016 at 20 h 12 min

      Hi gorgeous ! I still have issues with drinking water … I don’t drink that much but am trying because the BF skin is water and today i noticed some wrinkles in my under eyes because i stopped putting effort these days on drinking water. So yeah your comment make me move to get some water right now 🙂
      Love your blog by the way.

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