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How to get : Kylie Jenner Full lips using makeup.

For the longest time, i always loved full lips or big lips. I remember when i was a little girl who know a little bit about makeup, saying all time ” when i get older i will make my lips look big and full just like Angelina Jolie”.

A while ago,  i discovered that my stings phobia will stop me and knowing that i will never get over this phobia i started learning more and more about makeup and the power of it.



I know i have been neglecting my blog, but so much things happened in the last month that make me feel so sad and disappointed of my self, that even making some pictures was so hard and almost a chore so i choosed to give my self a break so i can feel the happiness i felt some weeks ago.

This Year or 2 was a whole Kardashian trends, starting with Kim to Chloé lately passing from Kylie who came with his own brand with her sister Kendal. Today i will show you how to get Kylie Jenner lips without surgery or sucking on random things.

1st step : Get your lip liner, i prefer to use one shade darker that my actual lipstick or in the same shade. Make sure to overline slightly your lips as we don’t want a fake looking so try to not go crazy … 😀

2nd step : Fill in your lips with the lip pencil. This step it’s optional but it’s just a little tip to keep your lipstick on as long as possible during the day.

3th step : Fill in your lips with your lipstick. As you can see here, i chose a lipstick that have the same undertones so it gives me the realest effect.

4th step : This step is optional but if you want a more intense effect you can take a lighter lipstick and fill the center of your lips and blend it just using your finger or a lipstick brush for a softer and well blended effect. This tip will make your lips fuller and pulpier.

I hope these tips will help you to get the Kylie Jenner lips for everyday in just 5 minutes or less. Let me know on the comments what do you think about theses tips and share with me your tips so we can learn from each other.

God bless you and see you soon.

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Be you and stay GORGEOUS


By Beautychik

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