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Gold Glam Makeup tutorial.

Hi my loves ! let’s talk about make up … It’s my first post so you can’t know that my passion number 1 is make up. I love playing with make up and trying new looks for everyday, i can go out with bare face and i can go out with a full glam face.

Today I show how to get this Gold Glam Makeup. Let’s get Started Beauties.


My trusty bestfriend.

Before starting on my eyes, and for the first time i started with my skin… Please don’t ask me why, because i don’t know. Usually i start with my eyes so i don’t get any fall out on my cheeks or on my undereyes, but today, i don’t know i wasn’t feelling it.

Today i did a cream contour using the contouring shades from L.A Girl and what’s better than using my trusty bestfriend the Beauty blender to blend all cream product so i don’t look Caky or like having tones of product on my face. This gorgeous beauty word invention just changed my life and am sure you already know it because all MUA and Make up lovers are already using it for everyday make up to get this natural looking.

Every Women love Gold.

After contouring and color correcting using my all time trusty bestfriend, i hade to work on my eyes to get this gorgeous Golg Glam makeup using only drugstore products.

Before starting anything in our lifes, we have to prepare it so we get the best success and the best result we can get, and it’s the same thing for our eyes at least on my opinion. To start on my eyes i used the Color tattoo from maybeline in gold as a base, to intensify the Bella Gold eyeshadow from Milani that i used on top. I never tried these two product together but i ending up loving it because it gaves me the perfect intense Gold eyeshadow that will last all night.


Wing it girl !

Usually full Glam Makeup need a Fleeky eye liner for that cat eye who will make all girls jealous and make them know how did you learn to make your eye liner look so fleek. I used to do my eyeliner the gel liner by Maybelline and Morphe brushe M443 my favorite brush for eye liner.

Gold Glam sexy

Let’s get a kiss of highlight.

Who hate highlighters ? Well i don’t think that there is girls out there who don’t love to blind people with her highlight and am so happy to tell you lovelies on my first post that am that kind of girls. I used as a highlighter the Moonlight by Elf Cosmetics just after taking a shower with my MAC Fix+ to make it POP and less powdery.

Gold Glam Makeup

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