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Real Techniques makeup brushes review.

When i just started makeup, i used to spend my money on eyeshadows, foundation, bronzer … but never achieved the result i have been achieving today. I spent all my money on products and i was always asking why i can’t look as flawless as i want to be and also how all makeup artist achieve this flawless skin … Yeah ! You can say i was frustrated lol. However, i never stopped learning about makeup and beauty in general so i understood that tools is key for everything just like an artist you have to spend your money on makeup brushes and work with one palette or one foundation is better than haven tonnes on each and no good tools. Today i am here to give you a short or at least i will try to keep it short haha makeup brushes review on the Real Techniques ones.

It’s been a moment since my last post, and i have to say that i really missed my blog. I will not get into my last troubles with mooving, lighting, camera and all this stuff because i want to keep the good mood here xd.

If you follow me since i started, you probably know that for me brushes are key for a flawless and really good makeup. Today i decided to talk about the Real techniques makeup brushes, because i found myself owning many of their products but never talk about them or how i use them.

Face makeup brushes review.

I will not talk here about the miracle complexion sponge that i am sure 99% of you already used it and know that is a quiet dupe of the Beauty Blender. We will talk only about makeup brushes and how do i used them and what do i think of the quality.

  • Buffing brush :

I don’t know about you, but i have never been a huge fan of buffing brushes or foundation brushes, and this one specifically i can’t use it for my foundation because she is not as dance as it should be in my opinion. I prefer the Morphe M439 that is more dance and full to be used as a foundation brush.

makeup brushes review

I don’t really know if Sam&Nic use this brush as a foundation brush, but i saw some people doing this and even if i don’t agree because everyone uses is different, it still a very good quality brush for setting your foundation in place with a powder.

makeup brushes review

  • Contour brush :

This brush is perfect for everyone who is searching for a small brush to get this really contour cheek.


However, and to be honest i have my little babies for contouring and i trust them enough to not try any other brushes. This brushe is perfect also for setting the undereye after concealing them without looking cakey or make product moove.

So you get it ! In my point of view you can use this brush for both uses.


  • Stippling brush :

This one is probably my most use brush from Realtechnques. How many time you forget the high pigmentation of a blush and once is on your face you look like a clown? It personally happen more than once a week and i quickly come back to this stippling brush to get the intensity off and look like a human haha.

makeup brushes review

I also use this brush after contouring and highlighting to get off any harsh lines and to get the flawless finish i like.


Eye makeup brushes review.

  • Base shadow brush :

As always the quality of RealTechniques it’s really awesome, but as you can already see i never use brushes for what they made to (it’s just preferences).


This Base eyeshadow brush is perfect if you are in a rush or if you are searching for that messy eyeshadow look. I just have to put some eyeshadow and start blending it from the inner corner to the outer corner of my eyes. I love this technique for everyday soft / sultery smokey eyes makeup.

  • Brow brush

Talking about sultery / soft smokey eyes, this brow brush is more perfect for putting dark eyeshadows on the lash line than on the brows.


As you can see, this brush is more on the thicker side, and for me brows need a thin brush so you can draw the hair effect for a natural look.


  • Detailer brush

Now that we talked about brows, let’s talk about highlighting them. This Detailer brush is perfect for any eye use.


You can highlight the inner corner of your eye, your brows, or push eyeshadow on your eyelid for more precision.

You can really do whatever you want with this brush … Except blending haha!


  • Deluxe crease brush.

After highlighting we need to blend one more time with a light hand to get a really seamless eye makeup. When i just got this deluxe crease brush, i used it as a crease brush but knowing more and more about brushes i found that i never get the effect i want with it.


I decided to use it as my concealer brush, and it works amazing. This brush can concentrate the product specifically on your undereye and pat it just like a pro. I really like this brush <3


  • Eyeliner brush :

To finally finish this Real Techniques makeup brushes review, let’s talk about their eyeliner brush. I have to say, that the eyeliner brush is the one i never use, because i can’t find how i can use it.

This brush make your eyeliner very hard to achieve and make the application so messy, so you finally find yourself thickening the eyeliner more and more. I want to keep it 100% honest, i really don’t recommend this brush. DON’T BUY IT !


This is it my loves ! I hope that you’ll find this long review helpful. Let me know how do you use your Real Techniques makeup brushes or what do you think about. I send you a lot of kisses and see you on my next post.

Be you and stay GORGEOUS.


By Beautychik

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  • Jessica

    8 December 2016 at 13 h 11 min

    I love real techniques brushes! They’re so good and affordable!x

    1. Beautychik

      8 December 2016 at 14 h 42 min

      I have been using some for 2 years now and they look just as the first day. Thank’s love !

  • Ivana J

    13 December 2016 at 17 h 12 min

    Great review, i love their brushes they are really good quality. Nice photos too xo

    1. Beautychik

      14 December 2016 at 12 h 37 min

      Thank’s gorgeous !

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