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Makeup forever hd foundation stick.

Short story.

When i just started wearing makeup and learning some tips, i didn’t really cared about my complexion or foundations or anything that have something to do with my face. As i grow and as i was watching youtube videos more and more, i noticed that a flawless complexion can make a huge difference and make your makeup game ON POINT. Now that you already know how i feel about my complexion and how much is important for me to make it as flawless as i can, we can move to the makeup forever hd foundation review and tell you my honest thought about it.



Makeup forever hd foundation stick.

As soon as this foundation went out a few mounth ago, everyone was talking about and telling how much is so unique and so full coverage. I personally love full coverage foundations, is the one i feel so comfortable wearing them and so confident. The only problem, is that the most foundations sticks are made for dry skin except the new anastasia beverly hills foundation stick that i will review as soon as possible.

Makeup forever hd foundation

  • The coverage : As i said, this foundation is a really full coverage, you can blend it with a brush, with the beauty blender, the result will be exactly the same: A full Coverage.
  • The thickness of this products can make people feel confused, but let me tell you that you will don’t feel it during the day. This foundation have a really natural looking.
  • Skin type: Makeup forever say that this foundation is made for all skin type, but for me is made especially for dry skin, to gives you this flawless finish without over drying your skin or making it look cakey. I have a normal to oily skin, and this foundation is definitely not for me, it makes my T zone look oily after few hours and oblige me to retouch every hour so i don’t look greasy, reason why i mix it always with another mat foundation to make it more mat and also to make it match my skin.

makeup forever hd foundation

As you can see this foundation doesn’t show up like in the first picture, is so much lighter so it doesn’t really sweet me, the reason why i mixe it with a matifying foundation like the L’Oréal infaillible mat so it match my skin and my skin type.

I hope that you liked this review so far and that i answered as many question as i can. Feel free to ask me questions on the comment section and i’ll answer as soon as possible. See you on my next post 😉

P.S : If you tried it, what do you think about?

Be you and stay GORGEOUS.


By Beautychik

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