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Cheap makeup brushes Vs Beauty Blender.

Hello beauties ! I hope you’re doing well and you are ready to start your week with a positive attitude. Today we will talk about brushes, and for me, as long as i can remember i always thought that brushes is the key to achieve a good make up and it’s something that can ruin your make up or make you look not on fleek if you don’t understand it. How ever, brushes are not always affordable and if you are a make up junky it can coast you a lot. So today i will give you my honest opinion about these Cheap makeup brushes that you can find on Amazon for less than 8 bucks.


Foundation brush.

This huge foundation brush is inspired by the trendy Artis brush that every girl is raising about. This foundation brush have a very pleasant and good shape, and make me feel really comfortable while am puting my foundation on.

Cheap makeup brushes

This cheap makeup brush have a lots of hair, so dense and feel so soft without absorbing a lot of your foundation while you are applying it. I was really surprised by the quality of this brush and how fast it apply my foundation. However keep on reading to know what do i think in comparison with the beauty blender that is just good as the Artis brush.

Cheap makeup brushes

Concealer brush.

I have been using this brush in more than a mounth now, trying it as a foundation brush and also as a concealer brush because it what she is. Like the foundation brush, this concealer brush have a pleasant shape that make the application very comfortable and pleasant in just a few seconds.

Cheap makeup brushes

Instead of the foundation brush, this concealer brush absorb a lot of products even if there is as much hair as in the other brush with the same density.

Cheap makeup brushes

Cheap makeup brushes VS Beauty Blender.

Everyone is talking about the Artis brushes, in every social networks, beauty gurus is swearing about these brushes and how is innovating and how the application is out of this world. Today i will talk about my experience and tell you what do i think in comparison of the beauty blender, one of the most innovating tools that still so close to the application result of the Artis Brushes.
As you all know the beauty blender make your pores blend together and make your skin look so natural with covering all your imperfections. Unfortunately, the foundation brush have nothing to do with the beautyblender, it make my foundation look so opaque and my skin so cakey. I don’t know if you tried it, but even with a medium coverage foundation , this bruse make the application so … Yikes ! I have to say that i will never use it again because it makes also my pores show up much more and for me personally … I can’t go out with my pores showing up.
After doing my foundation, i moved on to my concealer using the small brush and my beauty blender as usual. I have to say that this brush make my concealer so opaque but for this step i don’t mind at all …. Who will say NO for more undereyes coverage ?!!! How ever, i used this brush also as a foundation brush and i have to say that is a little bit difficult to work with. This brush make my skin patchy so i have to blend it as am doing my makeup over and over for a homogeneous complexion but still not perfect.

My final thought.

  • I find that for the price you can go with these Cheap makeup brushes but if you can afford a beauty blender, forget about the foundation brush and go for a beauty blender.
  • I think that i will use again the small brush for my concealer but definitely not for my foundation.
  • They are light weight so can be broken easily.

Thank you for been here, don’t forget to share with us your thought about these brushes and let me know what do you want to see next.

Be you and stay GORGEOUS


By Beautychik

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  • The Sunday Mode

    14 September 2016 at 6 h 30 min

    I really love the beauty blender too and after reading reading your post will definitely be staying with it. Thank you !

    1. Beautychik

      14 September 2016 at 10 h 32 min

      For sure the Beauty Blender is such an innovation … Kisses 🙂

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