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Choose your friends.

We all know how it’s difficult to share all bad things with others, and how it’s difficult to find someone who will truly and really listen to you and understand you the best that he can. I personally have this issues, today i do not have friend, not because i can’t find some but because i choose to stay away from any friendly relation ship, i choosed to stay away from all the hurts that people i love can make and this is another story that i can’t go through today. What is a friend ? A friend is someone who love you, who can be in your side when you need some help, who can talk to you without any barriers, who can listen to you for HOURS and HOURS without telling you that his boyfriend or girlfriends is waiting for her or for him because hi know that you need him more than anytime, a friend is someone who will make you laugh when your boyfriend or girlfriend break up with you, and if you can’t find this person than talk to your family, and if you have this person make sure to be present, to be supportive, to understand here just like she did and to have fun because she love you just like YOU ARE.

Be kind on others.

This week i was walking with my husband with a full face make up and i don’t know why people were looking at me like an alien … We are in 21 centery and i still see sometimes that make up is almost a “ taboo” and that we can’t wear a full face of glam to eat a pizza or to go to the cinema … Girl let me tell you something ! NO BODY should tell you how to dress or how to wear make up, if you want to wear a bold eyeliner, DO IT ! If you want to go out without make up, wearing you pyjamas, DO IT! Be you and do what ever you wanna as long as it’s make you more confidant and secure about yourself. People forget that a simple smile change everything, a simple word change a whole day, so please wake up and smile to others, say cute words to others and make their days happy just like someone else will do with you.

Periods are real.

We all have our periods, we all have bad days and good days, but no matter what, we have to talk about all the shit that we feel with our friend, husband , moms, sister … Don’t ever think that talking to someone else about all the shit you go throw is a weakness, talking and expressing yourself will make you even stronger, so don’t be afraid because WORDS can be really powerful and can help us to overcome our difficulties and help us to overcome bad days and periods when hormons push us to the limits and make us cry for all the simple things.

Body confidence.

Nowadays, everyone is connected, everyone is on instagram, Twitter, youtube and all these social networks that influence us in a one way or another make us feel bad about our body and about our lives. We see on all social networks body on FIRE and Hot girls with an awesome body, and i am sure everyone of us said at least once “ i wish i have the same body “. These girls work everyday HOURS of workout, and struggled to have this body a lot.

Body confidence is the key to have the body you want, if you don’t love your body, you’ll NEVER NEVER be happy of the result even if you get a hot body. These girls i talked about can be an insparation, just like Shayla is for me and just like Nikkie Minaj is also. I watch EVERY snap workout of Shayla and it gives me everyday motivation to go and workout for 1 hour or 2 even when i am lazy in order to have the body i want. I don’t mean that i want the super fake ass of Nikkie Minaj or Shayla’s super hot body,or that i want to look like her, she just give me motivation to be consistent and to get up everyday and repeat ” I love my self but i want the super flat stomach” and there’s nothing bad about this but first i had to love my self and repeat everyday i looked to my self on a mirror ” i love my body and i love who i am”. I learned to love everything about my body, my curves that so many people pointed with their fingers, my boobs who every single boy i known was interested in, my big lips who were a joke for some people … i had to love EVERY thing about my body before anything else.


I wanted today to tell you something about me, i wanted you to learn something about me and maybe to make you want to love yourself just like i did and make you want to live for what you love, and finally to know that you’re not the only one who maybe go through all the bullshit that people can tell you or can say. Remember you will NEVER be happy, and no one no ONE will love you or like or respect you if you don’t love yourself first and if you don’t have self confidence. I want you to get up and look at yourself at the mirror and start LOVING yourself. Start been HAPPY !


By Beautychik

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  • Kristen

    12 September 2016 at 13 h 17 min

    These are truly enormous ideas in regarding blogging. You have touched some pleasant points
    here. Any way keep up wrinting.

    1. Beautychik

      12 September 2016 at 13 h 25 min

      Thank’s Gorgeous <3

  • the net return

    24 October 2016 at 11 h 19 min

    Thanks for taking the time to speak about this, It is extremely useful for me.

    1. Beautychik

      24 October 2016 at 11 h 41 min

      Hi love ! I hope i helped you in a way or another. lots of love <3

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